Benefits of Slime Play

Did you know slime play has benefits?


Playing with slime is a great sensory activity that is beneficial in helping shape child development.

 Sensory play

  • In the developing brain's neural pathways build nerve connections, triggering a child's inclination and ability to complete more complex learning tasks.
  • Aids in developing and enhancing memory function.
  • Uses and builds fine motor skills by exploring pinching, popping, poking,  pouring movements, as well as problem solving skills, and social interaction.
  •  Helps children learn important sensory attributes, like sticky, hard, crunchy, wet, etc.
  • Great for calming anxiety and frustrations, a stress relaxant.

While these are great for children, it is not limited to just children, as these benefits apply to adults too!  Our brains also create new neural pathways in our brain when we engage in sensory play, which can help with problem solving, assist in creative thought, time needed in response to a extreme situation, and also helps negate Alzheimer's!

So feel free to join in on the relaxing feel of slime!



There is chemistry in the making of slime!

Chemistry is about states of matter, liquids solids, and gases, it is all about how the different materials are made up of atoms and molecules.  

Slime is neither a liquid or a solid.  It can be picked up as if it is solid, but then will ooze out of your hands like a liquid.  It does not have its own shape, in fact, it can change its shape to fit into any container. It can also be rolled into a ball and bounced because of its elasticity.  Because of these reasons, slime is identified as a non-newtonian fluid, which just means it is neither liquid or solid!

Slime is made after a chemical reaction between polyvinyl alcohol, which is found in glue, and borate ion, which can be created by a mix of baking soda and eye contact solution, main ingredient being boric acid which equates to borate ion.  Borax can also be used as the chemical to mix with polyvinyl alcohol; and when combined, creates an endothermic reaction making slime!